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Young adults and stress from life transitions

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Emotional issues are more common than you think, especially in young adults that are in college or transitional periods of their lives.  A few common emotional issues that affect young adults are depression, anxiety, and stress. Let take a closer look at theses three emotional issues that can affect all young adults.

Depression and anxiety

Depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues that might have been hidden in high school can be brought about in new environments. Young adults should realize that they are not alone in feeling this way. Unfortunately, suicide is the second-leading cause of death for college students, and the main reason is untreated depression. There are more than 1,100 suicides on U.S. college campuses every year. The best prevention strategy for college students is to be aware that the stress of your new life or transitional period could lead to depression, and to know the signs. Reaching out to other people who are in similar situations or simply confiding in a family member or friend can be helpful; otherwise, seeking professional help should be the next step.

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Stress-related issues

School environments, especially college, can add a tremendous amount of stress to a young adult's life. Becoming acclimated to a new environment and new schedules can cause young adults to turn to substances like alcohol or prescription drugs to deal with added stress. On the other hand, young adults who are taking on more responsibility and ‘joining the real world’ post-graduation can experience the stress of trying to live up to societal (or parental) expectations.

Young adults are not alone in feeling this way. Those ages 18-33 — the Millennial generation — are plenty stressed, and it's not letting up: 39% say their stress has increased in the past year and 52% say stress has kept them awake at night in the past month, according to USA Today.  The best way to combat this stress is to monitor how you are feeling and to be aware of how it affects you. Taking up a hobby that relaxes you, or simply exercising can make a world or a difference.

There is good news for young adults suffering from these emotional issues: there’s a wide variety of help available. Whether that be through therapy or a peer support group, acknowledging the issues and getting help can reduce the depression, anxiety, and stress that comes along with being a young adult. You can find TTHI Counseling Center's offerings here.

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