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What you and your partner can expect in couples counseling


Announcing that you’re going to couples therapy can result in raised eyebrows from those who aren’t well versed in the benefits of counseling. There’s a stigma associated with counseling, especially for couples. Thinking that there is something “wrong” with your relationship, outsiders might not understand that going to couples counseling is a positive step that helps healthy relationships, too. To debunk some of these myths, we’re discussing what to expect in couples counseling and how it can help your relationship.

When you attend counseling for any reason, your experience will be different depending on your approach. Focus on changing yourself, not your partner. This is probably one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to couples counseling. The work that is done in couples counseling relies solely on yourself. It’s wrong to approach counseling as a way for your partner to change. In order for issues to be addressed and solved, a long look in the mirror is required. If you aren’t able to own your actions and thoughts, you will continue to blame your partner for things that might not even be their fault.

Counseling will help build clarity in the life that you and your partner want to create together. Counseling is a great opportunity to create goals and the relationship that you desire. This requires work though. You will find that there is a significant amount of time that you will put into working on your relationship. Adjusting your thoughts and expectations is an important part of therapy. Expectations often hold you back from accepting your partner for who they are.

Learning from the past is important, but it’s what you do in the future that matters. Discussing past experiences in counseling can be healthy but it is crucial that you eventually move on from past issues and learn from them. Creating a healthy and thriving relationship means focusing on the future and how you approach it. Use those past experiences and turn them into positive actions that benefit your partner and you.

If you want to learn more about couples counseling and how it could benefit you and your significant other, contact us at TTHI Counseling Center. We’re here to help you reach your goals. Our Counseling Centers are in Central Florida.
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