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The Transition House, Inc.

The Transition House Now a Provider of Florida Safety Council

The Florida Safety Council’s DUI Division has named The Transition House, Inc. as their newest provider of essential services in support of safety in Central Florida starting March 1, 2015.  

“We were excited to hear the news from the Florida Safety Council that we had been chosen as a provider,” said Thomas Griffin, CEO of The Transition House, Inc. “Through our counseling and treatment services at our Outpatient Center and our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment programs, we are committed to assisting the Florida Safety Council to promote safety at home, on the roadways, in schools and in businesses.”  

The Outpatient Center by The Transition House offers individual and group therapy for substance abuse, mental health and other co-occurring disorders, as well as family counseling, marriage counseling, PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. Available services at The Outpatient Center include psychiatric evaluation and medication therapy for co-occurring disorders, as needed, and case management services are available as directed.  

The Intensive Outpatient treatment component at The Transition House’s outpatient clinic offers a wide range of psychoeducational classes and group therapy, which will be beneficial to the Florida Safety Council and their efforts.

FloridaSafetyCouncilThe Florida Safety Council is a nonprofit program established in 1953. Their mission is to “reduce preventable injuries and save lives through highly effective safety and health training, professional testing and monitoring." They promote safety in every phase of life: in the home, on the road, in schools, businesses, industrial facilities and government.

The programs offered by the Florida Safety Council range from driver improvement, D.U.I and alcohol and substance use related programs. In this partnership, the Florida Safety Council will refer clients to The Transition House, Inc. for these services.



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