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Signs that your child might need counseling for impulsivity


Children are naturally curious and are full of energy, but often times when a child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), their impulsivity can become an issue. ADHD is the most common mental health disorder that affects children. An estimated 6.4 million children are diagnosed in the United States alone. The three main symptoms of ADHD are impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity. Parents of children with ADHD often have concerns over the impulsivity and actions of their children. What are the signs?

A child can be diagnosed as impulsive if:

  • They appear to be always be busy or “on the go”
  • Excessive talking or interrupting others
  • Fidgeting when sitting or they're unable to stay still
  • Unable to sit quietly or take part in group leisure activities
  • They answer before a question has been finished

Sometimes these symptoms will diminish with age and maturity, but it can be difficult to deal with in the moment. There are strategies that can help at home, and with proper counseling (and sometimes medication), it’s possible to improve behavioral issues. Some of the strategies you can implement to help your child include:

  • Sitting down and talking through a problematic actions. Ask your child, “What are the consequences of your actions, and how do you think that will make you feel?”
  • Stress that things that might be fun in the moment can have negative consequences later.
  • Create a secret word or signal that you and your child can use when they begin to feel overwhelmed in public. This can be as simple as holding your child’s hand.
  • Remember to reward and encourage positive behaviors, too. It’s easy for a child with impulsivity problems to feel that they are always in trouble.

If you are looking for counseling for your child, contact us at TTHI Counseling Center. We offer a wide variety of counseling services for children, including ADHD counseling. Contact us below!

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