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The Transition House, Inc.

Senator Rubio's office visits Tom Griffin and The Transition House, Inc.

Senator Rubio's office visits Tom Griffin and The Transition House, Inc

Tom Griffin, CEO of The Transition House, Inc., hosted Mr. Tom Self, Regional Director to Senator Marco Rubio, at the St. Cloud Men’s and Veterans Residential facility Friday morning.

Mr. Griffin and Mr. Self spoke at length about the many issues that Osceola County faces and what The Transition House, Inc. is doing to address treatment for residents experiencing addiction as a part of the opioid epidemic and related issues that can stem from substance dependence, including homelessness, the impacts on families and children, and the legal and judiciary system.

"There's still more to come, especially when you look at what is happening nationally," said Tom Griffin in regards to opioid use, substance use disorder and the number of opioid overdoses in the county. "It's been happening for years in the inner-cities. However, our area, including the rural parts of Osceola County, are also suffering from opioid use and addiction."

"Take two facts – for many, the inability to find a job that pays a median wage and couple that with substance abuse, mental illness, trauma from childhood - whatever it may be - you've created a perfect storm."

Senator Rubio's office visits Tom Griffin and The Transition House, Inc - 1

As far as solutions are concerned, Mr. Griffin touched on the many services offered at The Transition House, Inc., including medication assisted treatment (MAT) using Vivitrol or Suboxone. Medication assisted treatment, with counseling, can and does help individuals with either alcohol or opioid dependence. The physicians and staff at The Transition House, Inc. have been trained to offer the best possible treatment to address those needs.

“We can offer this treatment regime at little or no cost to Osceola County residents. Medication assisted treatment gives every client a far better chance to maintain their recovery far longer than ever before,” said Mr. Griffin.

Tom Griffin took Mr. Self on a tour of The Transition House, Inc.'s men’s and women’s residential facilities and outpatient counseling centers throughout the county. The visit from Senator Rubio's office was a welcomed gesture as Mr. Griffin and The Transition House, Inc. continue to provide solutions to the myriad of addiction issues residents in Osceola County face.

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