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The Transition House, Inc.

Santa Claus visits Victory Village bearing gifts!

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake...and sometimes he visits early!

santa visits victory village kissimmee 

On Tuesday, December 16, Santa was able to deliver gifts to 26 children who are currently living at Victory Village in Kissimmee and are on the nice list. Santa served a variety of desserts, kid-friendly drinks and plenty of smiles to these families and children living in transition at our facility in Osceola County. 

Here are a few smiles we thought were worth sharing: 

So who do we have to thank for these toy donations? A couple of people. Every year, the Margarita Society of Orlando holds the Margarita Ball, where attendees are encouraged to bring toys for needy families in the Central Florida community. This year over 3,000 attendees brought in 3,200+ toys that were distributed to over 50 charities. Toys were also donated by CLC World Resort & Hotels, who chose Victory Village as one of their charities this year. Big thank you their Director Laura Sherman, for their partnership. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The smiles and memories will stay with these children forever.

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