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New Year's Resolutions for Mental Health


With the new year coming up, there’s no better time to start practicing some new healthy habits. New Year’s resolutions can lead to increased motivation, sense of achievement, and self-esteem, which all play a huge role in your mental health. Setting realistic goals will give you something to look forward to achieving as you get out of bed each morning. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions that can greatly benefit your mental health. 

Immerse yourself into something new

Pick up a hobby! Whether it’s something new that you’ve been thinking about trying or a previous hobby that snuck away, give it a shot. It could very well end up being something that you are truly passionate about and enjoy putting your time and effort towards. As you get better at it, your self confidence will also get a boost. 

You can also take this time to immerse yourself into something new from the comfort of your own home. There are tons of specific podcasts, webinars, and classes that go in depth on pretty much any topic you can think of. The good thing about these is that you can listen to them in the background while doing absolutely anything. Next time, throw on a podcast before you get to cleaning up around the house. 

Help others  

Volunteering your time, money, or energy into helping others not only makes the world a better place, it also makes you better. Giving back to the community and others has shown to boost your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. It’s a great way to get away from your own troubles and connect with new people. Selflessness goes a long way which will very rarely go unnoticed. 

Be kind to yourself  

Remember that change is not a quick process and does take time. Kindness is something we all know how to do. The challenge is learning how to gear that kindness towards yourself. Some simple reasons to be kind to yourself include: 

  • Being hard on yourself doesn’t get you anywhere
  • Over time, you will become a more positive person
  • The right attitude can turn any bad day into a good day
  • Setting a good example for others around you

Limit your screen time 

Spending too much time on your computer or phone can drastically affect your quality of sleep, sense of well-being, and your relationships with others. Oftentimes, when we start to spend too much time on certain social media platforms, we begin comparing ourselves to others. 

Apple products now have a reminder you can set up to limit your amount of screen time available per day. Take advantage of Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb. When spending time working or on other hobbies, make sure to set your phone out of reach to minimize your distraction.  

Manage a healthy diet 

Keep your expectations realistic while entering the new year. Many people decide, “This year I’m going to completely change everything about my diet!” This is ultimately way too hard to do. Start small with dietary changes so you aren’t throwing your body off all at once. Here are a few tips for a healthier lifestyle and diet: 

  • Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to prevent overeating later
  • Make time for at least 30 minutes of exercise each day
  • Buy pre-cut fruits and veggies for a quick grab-and-go snack when you’re hungry 
  • Drink fewer drinks that are loaded with sugar

Overall, when you eat better, you are going to feel better, which leads to more energy and productivity. Setting a few small realistic goals will lead to a boost in self confidence after sticking with them over a period of time.

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