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Learning to turn anxiety into positive energy


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults. If you’re not affected by anxiety, you probably know someone who is. Even though anxiety can be crippling and often hard to control, it is possible to turn anxiety into positive energy. How can this be? We have three tips to help you redirect your anxious energy.

Redirect your adrenaline

Anxiety involves a lot of energy and adrenaline. It is up to you how you use this energy. Your attitude and disposition are generally within your control. When you feel a negative thought or a worry start creeping in, change your mind's course of thoughts. Do an activity that you enjoy – maybe that’s going for a run, or doing yoga poses. Partaking in a physical activity is great way to redirect adrenaline. It’s great for your whole body, not just your brain!

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Dig deeper

Anxiety can be caused by a number of different variables – environmental surrounding, substance abuse, genetics, and, the most common, negative self-talk. We can actually talk ourselves into having anxiety. So think to yourself, what feelings underline your fears? Is it negativity about yourself or a situation? Or is it an outside force? Knowing exactly where your anxiety is coming from can give you a sense of relief and will help you face your fears and confront irrational thoughts.

Combat negative thoughts with positive ones

In addition to digging deeper, it's important to practice combating negative thoughts with positive ones.  A positive view can help change your attitude. Acknowledge the negative thought and replace it with at least one positive thought. This can help you recognize negative thought patterns, and will give you the tools to create constructive thoughts instead of destructive thoughts.

Though it can be difficult at times, it’s completely possible to learn to turn anxiety into positive energy. If you’re interested in counseling for anxiety, check out our Counseling Center here.

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