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Is Telehealth Counseling Right for You?

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Telehealth counseling is the new way of participating in mental health treatment from the comfort of your home. After experiencing a global pandemic, many people felt stuck on their journey toward wellness. They lacked authentic human connection and weren’t sure where to seek help. 

Luckily, the idea of receiving virtual counseling and healthcare has been perfected since the 1960s. Telehealth counseling, otherwise known as online therapy, allows you to get the help you need anytime and anywhere. Not only is online therapy convenient, but it also provides another tool that can help you treat and manage your mental health.

Not sure if telehealth counseling is right for you? Still confused about how it works? We’ve got you covered. 

How does telehealth counseling work?

Similar to an in-person counseling session, telehealth counseling involves meeting regularly with a therapist and working through negative thoughts or issues you may be having. Sessions usually range from 30-90 minutes and can be used to discuss anything on your mind. Just like in-person, telehealth sessions are private and confidential. Our services meet strict Federal requirements for encryption, security, and privacy. 

Our licensed counselors are trained to listen and provide the best treatment for you. Simply schedule an appointment on our website and select a location closest to you. Although you will be receiving therapy completely virtually, it’s helpful to know that your counselor is nearby and relatively familiar with your environment. 

Finding the right therapist for you is crucial, and luckily we have a wide array of skilled professionals available to help. 

Once you’ve found the right counselor for you, it’s easy to book future appointments that work according to your unique schedule. Telehealth counseling is convenient and made to be an easy and effective way to get mental health treatment specifically designed for you.

Who does telehealth counseling benefit?

Telehealth counseling benefits everyone! However, some might prefer or need telehealth counseling over in-person therapy: 

  • Patients with a busy work schedule who otherwise might not have the time to commute to a therapist’s office
  • Patients with disabilities where an in-person counseling session may be a hassle
  • Patients who live in a rural area and a therapist might otherwise be out of reach
  • Patients who are on the move or consistently traveling 
  • Patients who have children and can’t find childcare during working hours
  • Patients with social anxiety who prefer to get help where they feel most comfortable
  • Patients involved in the legal system who otherwise could not receive treatment without violating house arrest or probation

If telehealth counseling sounds like it could be a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle, schedule an appointment with us today.

Why should I consider telehealth counseling?

At the very least, it’s important to consider telehealth counseling as an option for receiving mental health treatment. Counseling is proven to be beneficial for individuals, with or without existing mental health or substance abuse disorders. 

Being able to share your thoughts in a judgment-free space is vital for bettering your mental health and overall wellbeing. Are you interested in scheduling your first telehealth counseling appointment? Click here to get started!


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