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How your marital problems could be affecting your children


Every marriage goes through rough patches, but when do these rough patches start to negatively affect those around you, including your own children? Whether you may realize it, children watch their parents all the time. They learn many behaviors from observing their parents' behaviors. Children can be affected by marital conflict in various ways. Children that are exposed to marital conflict often start to act out and it can cause a skewed perception of healthy relationships later in their lives. Children hear fights and can sense the tension and stress within marriages. Often times, children act out and will start to show their emotions by getting in fights with other children at school, or throwing tantrums. On the other hand, a child can sometimes try and cut off their emotions as a result of their parents fighting.

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When marital issues arise within a household, it's very common for the child to place blame on themselves for their family dysfunction. The pressure to “fix” their parents' relationship is also put upon themselves. Children think along the lines of, “If only I got that A in math, this wouldn't be happening.” When in reality, there are not to blame at all. Children are looking out for themselves and their family at a time when their parents should be reassuring them and creating a safe environment.

Researchers have discovered that conflict between parents when their children are young predicted children’s emotional insecurity later in childhood, which, in turn, predicted adjustment problems in adolescence, including depression and anxiety.

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