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The Transition House, Inc.

How we're changing lives through our work release programs


When The Transition House started back in 1993, we began as a traditional halfway house which provided substance abuse treatment and transitional housing for men. Throughout many years of growth, we have discovered that a transition house is more than a halfway house, and we've expanded our services to help everyone in all walks of life, including those who have criminal backgrounds. 

We do this through our Work Release Programs. These programs are recovery treatment-based and are specifically for substance abuse and criminal behavior. In a partnership with the Department of Corrections, our programs offer a two-part Work Release Program based on recovery treatment for substance use and criminal behavior. We focus on individual and group performance, personal and community accountability, and cognitive and behavioral change. The basis of this program is to help inmates transform. To leave their lives of trouble and approach a new chapter as a contributing member of society. On a daily basis, our clients participate in a number of educational programs, leadership skill development, and counseling sessions, as well as quality of life amenities such as fine art programs and exercise.

Our mission in our Work Release Programs is simple: Help our clients re-enter into society with career skills, life skills, and confidence to succeed despite their past obstacles. We strive to provide them with the skills necessary to do this. Studies have shown that successful rehabilitation is not only beneficial for the individual but for their communities as well. These programs help to decrease criminal recidivism, which refers to a person's relapse into criminal behavior, often after the person receives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime. The Transition House believes that our programs are combatting these issues facing offenders and the communities in which they reside.

“It’s not supposed to be vacation, it’s a very lucky and blessed opportunity and a wonderful chance to get my life back in order. In my opinion this is what DOC should be. This program helps us re-enter into society and teaches us to be productive members of society again. I am extremely grateful for the way my life has changed directly related to this program. Life is what we make it and there are those who choose to just skate by, then there are the ones like myself who realize the opportunity I was given and ran with it. When I arrived here I had goals in mind, and through this program I was able to achieve them and so much more.” - DOC inmate, Tarpon Springs

You can find more information on our programs here.

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