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How Vivitrol can help you on your road to recovery

Posted by Jennifer Dellasanta on Jun 6, 2016 5:11:42 PM

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For those suffering from opioid dependence or alcoholism, the road to recovery can be very difficult. One tool that can help (when used in conjunction with your recovery plan), Vivitrol, is used in TTHI’s Counseling Centers. So what exaclty is Vivitrol? It is a once-monthly medication that, paired with counseling, has shown to be effective for treating alcohol dependence and preventing relapse to opioid dependence after opioid detox. Vivitrol (naltrexone) blocks the effects of narcotic medicines and alcohol, so it is used only once the individual is clean and no longer has traces of alcohol or opioids in their system. It is also used to prevent narcotic addiction relapse. It’s important to realize that Vivitrol is not a permanent solution for an addiction, and most individuals are on Vivitrol for nine months to a year. It is taken as an injection once monthly.


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A key factor in the success of Vivitrol is pairing it with a counseling treatment program. This program should be comprehensive, and will target two regions of the brain affected by addiction. Vivitrol specifically targets the limbic region, which controls the basic drive of urges, rewards and pleasures. Counseling helps to target the cortex, which affects your decision making, reasoning, thinking and planning.

If you’re considering counseling for opioid dependence or alcoholism, Vivitrol can be a great tool to aid in your recovery. For information on TTHI Counseling Center's courses and Vivitrol injections, contact our St. Cloud location at (407) 892-4202.

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