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How to choose the right therapist for you


Mental health care has changed over the last few decades. Now, there are several treatment options available for individuals who are wanting to visit a therapist, psychologist, or counselor to help treat symptoms of mental illness and disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. A therapist or counselor can employ a variety of treatments ranging from talk therapy for individuals and families, play therapy for children, residential treatment for substance abuse and addiction, as well as techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness therapy.

How do you find the right therapist for you?

Choosing the right therapist for you can be challenging. Before you attend counseling, ask your therapist the following questions. Asking your therapist these questions can help you understand what happens in therapy and counseling and will make you an active participant in your treatment.


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How to choose the right therapist for you:
5 questions to ask your therapist before going to counseling

1. What kind of training do you have?

Ask your therapist what training they have received. Some counselors are more experienced providing family therapy or couples counseling, while others are trained to specifically deal with PTSD and trauma. Depending on your mental health condition, you may be more comfortable seeing a counselor who has experience with your specific concern.

2. What professional associations do you belong to?

By asking what professional associations your therapist or counselor belongs to, you can gain a better understanding of what they are qualified to treat, what type of continuing education they receive, and whether or not they have received any recognition for their work. Are you looking for a therapist or counselor with years of experience with a particular condition? Ask your therapist this question before attending counseling to be sure they are the right therapist for you. 

3. What do you do to keep up with research on my condition?

Mental health care is continually evolving with counseling and therapy techniques being developed and refined over time. If you are looking for a therapist or counselor who knows the latest techniques, asking this question can help you find the right one.


4. What kind of treatment methods do you use?

Mental health professionals utilize a number of different techniques when working with clients. These approaches should be based on research evidence and accepted professional practices. Your therapist should be able to tell you the scope of their practice, the type of clients they work with, and the various types of treatment approaches they use. 

5. Do you have any success stories?

When choosing any service, it’s important to know that the service provider has had success with other clients or patients. Ask your therapist or counselor if he or she has any success stories they can share with you. If you are curious about their success treating a condition similar to yours, it is helpful to ask them. One of the most important factors of success between you and your therapist or counselor is the relationship and trust that you have in each other. Success stories that are similar to your situation can give you the assurance you need that you have chosen the right therapist.

Counseling can help treat a variety of mental health concerns and disorders. Our counselors are trained in individual therapy, family counseling, couples therapy, and child therapy. We offer counseling in Central Florida and Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are trying to find the right therapist for you, begin by requesting an appointment at one of our counseling centers. We will help you find the treatment you need.

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