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How family secrecy can impact your mental health


Every family has some secrets, but when does secrecy affect our family relationships? Keeping a family secret from outsiders shouldn’t be confused with secrets kept between family members. Keeping secrets among members of the family can take a significant impact on the mental health of everyone involved. We’re discussing how secrets affect your mental (and physcial) health and why you should break the cycle of secrets and stop sweeping issues under the rug. Marital relationships take a hit

One of the number one reasons that relationships fail is due to lack of communication. Keeping secrets, whether they are financial or emotional, from your partner can cause irreparable damage. Suspicion and resentment can grow between partners and cause negative emotions like high anxiety and depression. The lack of trust and anger that is accompanied by secrets can also negatively affect children in the household, too.

Children are perceptive

Whether or not you realize it, your children are mindful of your moods, demeanor, and actions. Even though your resentment towards your partners or other members of the family might not be expressed outright in a fight or argument, tension is obvious to a child. When a child senses that something is being hidden from them, they will often place blame on themselves for whatever is going on at home. Sharing family secrets with children should be done in a manner that is appropriate for their age.

Secrets are a heavy burden

Carrying around a secret and keeping it from other members of your family can actually cause you physical pain. Excessive guilt and stress can manifest in physical symptoms like headaches, backaches, anxiety, and digestive problems. These problems can worsen overtime if they aren’t addressed. Individuals can also turn to substances like alcohol or drugs to temporarily alleviate pain.

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