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How counseling can improve your self-confidence


Counseling is a wonderful tool that can impact many areas of your life. One of the most valuable aspects of therapy is its effect on your self-esteem. If you suffer from a lack of self-confidence or acceptance within yourself, it might be time to talk to a counselor on how to improve self-esteem. We’ve put together a list of ways that counseling can increase your self-confidence and general mental health.

You’ll learn acceptance.

In therapy, you’ll talk through your problems and get to the root of any issues you have with your self-esteem. It’s important to think positively about yourself. 

Counseling will remind you that despite problems, you are a unique, special, and valuable person. Everyone (including you) deserves to feel good about themselves. You’ll learn to identify and challenge those negative thoughts that you may have about yourself and replace them with positive ones.

You’ll learn encouragement.

Counseling allows you to become more self-assertive, confident, and self-aware. You might encourage yourself to pick up new hobbies or do something that you’ve always wanted. A sense of accomplishment is a huge boost to self-esteem, and therapy can help people identify specific activities that boost their confidence. In addition, you’ll learn to develop self-compassion to set realistic goals for yourself. 

You’ll learn to respect yourself.

Negative self-talk can cause you to fall into a downward spiral of emotional distress. In counseling, you’ll learn to treat yourself kindly and with respect. The inner voice we have has more impact than you might realize. Whenever something upsetting occurs, be aware of your thoughts.

You’ll also learn to respect yourself in other relationships as well. You will feel more confident in being assertive and expressing your feelings, opinions, beliefs, and needs. You will be able to express those feelings directly, openly, and honestly while respecting the rights of others. You can gain confidence in your ability to say “no” when you’re feeling used or simply don’t want to do something through counseling services. 

Our Counseling Center offers family, group, and individual counseling. You can find more information on classes and offerings here.

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