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How case managers support your treatment

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Beginning mental health treatment can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re coping with a new diagnosis or just starting addiction treatment, do you know what your first step is? What kind of counseling appointments should you schedule? What is the best treatment for your mental health condition?

This is where case management services can be helpful. A case manager can help you navigate your care and set up mental health services that are right for you. After all, they have your best interest in mind.

What is case management?

Case managers work in a hospital, for your insurance, or for your counseling center. They are there to provide you with guidance and can connect you to support services that can improve your health care.

A targeted case manager is someone who works with you on a one-on-one basis, ensuring you receive individualized care for your particular diagnosis. Whether it’s behavioral health services or addiction treatment for a specific type of substance, they are there to set you up for success.

What does a mental health case manager do?

As your guide throughout your mental health treatment, a case manager will help you with things like:

  • Creating a care plan
  • Referring you to specialists for follow-up appointments
  • Ensuring access to needed medical treatment
  • Keeping up with and supporting you through your progress
  • Preparing for the next stage of your treatment

They can also help you to:

  • Assess your need for therapy, medication, or other types of treatment
  • Identify your support system like friends, family, or mentors 
  • Develop a crisis management plan

Can a case manager help me?

Achieving good mental health doesn’t happen alone. Having a support system and a team that you trust around you can make a difference in your recovery. With a case manager on your care team, you can feel confident you are on the right path when it comes to your mental health.

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