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Does my child need counseling?

All children experience emotional ups and downs as they go through life, but sometimes they need professional help to overcome fear, anxiety or depression. You or someone you know may have asked yourself, "does my child need counseling?"

There may be many triggers which cause problems for children and not all situations affect children in the same manor. For example, some children of parents who are going through divorce blame themselves and become withdrawn, while others are better able to cope with the breakup of a marriage.


Experts say interruption of daily activities or sudden changes in behavior are sure signs that more than growing pains are at play in the life of a child.

Other signs a child may be having difficulty coping include:

  • Regressing to younger behavior, such as a toddler suddenly sucking his thumb or a child who is toilet trained suddenly needing to wear diapers.

  • Refusing to play with friends and spending long periods of time alone.

  • Dramatic changes in grades at school. A student who was previously an A student now gets only Ds and Fs.

  • Experimenting with drugs or alcohol or other types of risk-taking behavior.

  • Fits of anger or other emotional outbursts.

  • Sudden changes in either weight gain or loss.

  • Expressing unwarranted anxiety or fear.

Here is a more extensive list of signs that a child may need professional help.

There may be many reasons behind a change in a child’s behavior, but they take on added importance if they follow significant life-changing events such as a death, divorce, a move or other trauma.

Parents should also consider any changes more serious if they occur over an extended period of time or become more extreme.

While there may be a reluctance to seek professional help for their child, parents wouldn’t think twice about getting medical help for an obvious physical ailment. Here are some of the therapy options for dealing with children with depression.

Asking for help is the first step toward improvement. Our Outpatient Center offers a wide variety of behavioral services.

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