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Does marriage counseling work?

does marriage counseling work - how marriage counseling can help

Relationships take work. Marriage is no exception.

While disagreements are common and unavoidable, it’s important to know when you and your partner may need the help of a marriage counselor. Couples therapy, family therapy and marriage counseling can be successful for couples who are willing to address their differences and challenges. It’s important to note that separation and/or divorce might be the healthiest option for some couples. Whether you are looking to stay together or figuring out if your relationship is one worth continuing, marriage counseling can work for you and your partner in a number of different ways.

Here are some ways in which marriage counseling can help your relationship:

  • Marriage counseling can teach you better ways to communicate.

    Often, poor communication skills can lead to conflict, even in an otherwise healthy relationship. Negative communication leaves one or both partners in a marriage feeling disregarded or insecure, and can cause one or both partners to withdraw from communication altogether. Negative communication can sometimes lead to emotional or physical abuse. Attending couples therapy with your partner can help you learn to communicate with each other more effectively, teach you how to identify your issues and challenges, and give you a model for what healthy communication is like.

  • Marriage counseling can help you move on after an affair.

    Couples who choose to stay together after an affair will find marriage counseling beneficial. Moving on from an affair takes a lot of work; however, couples who are wishing to move forward and practice forgiveness, often benefit from attending counseling. Having a third-party mediate and facilitate communication between you and your partner can help both of you heal after an affair.

does marriage counseling work - how marriage counseling helps

  • Marriage counseling can bring the spark back to your relationship.

    It’s common for intimacy to decline over time, especially if you and your partner have been together for a number of years. Sometimes, a married couple can feel more like roommates, rather than lovers. While there is no “normal” level of intimacy for couples, you should consider couples therapy if you feel as if you and your partner are on different pages when it comes to your need for intimacy, and you aren’t sure how to come to a resolution. Marriage counseling can help you begin to understand the underlying reason for its decline, and give you a starting point to resolve the real issues.
  • Marriage counseling can give you ways to resolve conflict.

    Sometimes a third-party is most beneficial to help you and your partner resolve conflict. If you are arguing more frequently, or if your arguments are reaching a point where either of you are hurtful - emotionally or physically - a marriage counselor can help you find ways to communicate and problem-solve more effectively. By teaching you and your partner effective communication and conflict resolution skills, a counselor can help facilitate healthy solutions. If the resolution is separation or divorce, a counselor can help you and your partner amicably cope with what is an incredibly stressful life change.


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  • Family counseling can help you find the right solution for your family.

    Family counseling is an effective way of addressing problems that affect or occur amongst family members. Family counseling allows all members of a family to have a voice in the process of positive change and encourages family members to assist in developing solutions. Family counseling may also be helpful for parents choosing divorce. Divorce and separation does not only affect you and your partner. If you have children, divorce can cause a tremendous amount of stress for them as well. Attending family counseling can be a huge help. By attending counseling together, you can work on communicating as a group which can give you the tools you might need to move forward, even if you choose divorce.

All relationships are different and it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as “normal” - every relationship has its own dynamic. Counseling can help you resolve conflicts, move on from past hurts, and communicate more effectively as you move forward. You should know that whatever you are going through in your relationship, nothing is ever permanent.

If you think marriage counseling can help, visit one of our counseling centers in Central Florida or Chattanooga, Tennessee. We specialize in individual, family, group and child therapy. We can give you the skills you need to move forward.

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