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Do you need help finding out about your VA benefits?

If you are uncertain about your benefits as a veteran, you can get help from a wide variety of sources on dealing with the U.S. Veterans Administration.

The most common complaints about veteran benefits are that they have not been received or the percentage is much lower than expected.

Here is a guide which details what benefits veterans are entitled to, so you know what you are looking for. Here’s a guide to the appeals process so you know what steps to take if your benefits have been denied. This list includes 10 things you need to know about getting your veteran benefits.

You’re not the first person to travel down this path, so it’s best to seek out other veterans who have had the same experiences as you.

Do you need help finding out about your VA benefits? We found links to national, regional, and state organizations offering advice on which paths to follow.

  • veteran_benefitsVet Center – Orlando has a Vet Center that is open six days a week, with availability after hours and on weekends. It’s operated by the VA, and counselors are available.

  • Camaraderie Foundation – Formed by a U.S. Army captain who experienced difficulties in returning to civilian life, the organization offers financial and other types of support.

  • Veterans Service Office – Osceola County operates an office providing assistance to veterans. (This office operates independent of the U.S. Veterans Administration.)

  • State help – The Florida Department of Veteran Affairs offers help with health care, housing, and employment.

  • Complaints – The Office of the Inspector General is an independent office reviewing and inspecting the U.S. Veterans Administrations. The office maintains a hotline for filing complaints.

  • National groups – This page has links to national organizations helping with benefits and employment. Here is another list of organizations and centers assisting veterans.

Helping veterans is one of our main missions. In fact, we've been recognized by the VA for what we do.

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