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The Transition House, Inc.

Community partner highlight: IDignity


The Transition House, Inc. has developed valuable community partners and behavioral health resources over the years that work with us to assist our clients and their families. Our community partners are a vital part of the success of our clients and those in need around Osceola County and the Central Florida area.

It’s hard to choose just one partner to highlight, since they work they each do impacts the lives of so many. One of our local and state partners, IDignity, works to restore dignity and hope to those who no longer have identification. This can include photo IDs, drivers licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, etc. IDignity’s mission is, To help the disadvantaged in Central Florida through the complex steps of getting personal identification. Documents like birth certificates, Florida ID cards, and Social Security cards are essential for anyone to fully take part in society.”

IDignity recognizes that in order for individuals to be a successful member of society, they must have these essential documents. Attaining these documents isn’t always an easy task. IDignity staff members and volunteers help the in the lengthy and difficult process of getting identification at no cost to the client. It cannot be stressed enough how valuable this program is to other agencies, like The Transition House, who help indivduals get back on their feet.

IDignity_TTH_community_partnerIn Osceola County, IDignity is operated by the Community Hope Center of Osceola County.

"The Community Hope Center is proud to offer IDignity Osceola to our partner The Transition House in assisting those in need in our community. IDignity Osceola is the perfect complement to Transition House’s programs, because together we equip clients with identification documents they need to change their situation and improve their quality of life," shares Thomas Pratt, Community Hope Center's director of community and legal services. 

Volunteers and donations are key to the success of a nonprofits like IDignity. You can read more about IDignity and the services they offer here.

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