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Children and counseling: It's more common than you might think


Taking a child to counseling is never an easy decision, but it is a choice that’s more common than you think. Parents send their children to counseling for a number of reasons – some could be because of mental health disorders, others could be circumstantial. Parents going through a divorce, or bullying at school, there is no one reason for attending counseling. Despite growing knowledge and awareness of mental health in young people, an estimated 70% do not receive the appropriate care.

Emotional wellbeing of children and adults is just as important as physical health. Childhood is an especially crucial time when children's minds and bodies are developing. Studies from the National Institute on Mental Health found that only about half of adolescents that experience generalized anxiety, panic disorders, depression and ADHD actually received mental health services. The study also found that fewer African American and Mexican Americans were likely to seek help. Lack of treatment can be attributed to many things, including gaps among minority adolescents and affordable health care.

There are other factors that play into a decision to not take a child to counseling. Let’s explore two common myths that keep parents from seeking the help their child needs...

“Counseling is only for really bad kids.”

This is a common worry for parents when considering therapy for their children. Accepting that your child needs help from a counselor doesn't mean they're a “bad kid”. Therapy can be beneficial for a number of reasons, including treating mental health disorders, family issues, learning disorders or stress from school.

“People will think I’m a bad parent."

Taking a child to counseling is not a negative reflection of your parenting abilities. If anything, it is a positive reflection. You’ve seen that your child is struggling and you're getting them the help they need to have a happy and healthy life. Counselors are there to help you and your child work together. You will learn helpful tools that will strengthen your parent/child relationship.

If you are looking for counseling for children in Kissimmee, feel free to reach out to us! We have three counseling centers in Central Florida that are here to help you on your journey.
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