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Anxiety Resources

Anxiety is common and treatable. We’re here to help, whenever you’re ready.

Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults age 18 and older. Learn more about the symptoms of anxiety and treatment options in our library of mental health resources.

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Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is characterized by extreme fear or worry that is persistent, irrational, or uncontrollable. Anxiety can be debilitating and all-encompassing. When anxiety interferes with your daily routine, it’s possible you have an anxiety disorder.

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Coping with anxiety

Using strategies such as positive self-talk, having a good support system, eating a well-balanced diet, and staying away from drugs and alcohol are healthy ways of coping with anxiety.

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Treatment for anxiety

Anxiety can be treated in a number of different ways. Treatment can include therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes that reduce stress. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one type of psychotherapy that can be effective in treating anxiety.

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Anxiety in the family

If you have a loved one who is struggling with anxiety, having your support is vital. Using these strategies to show genuine care can make a difference in their journey towards better mental health and well-being.

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Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety feels different for everyone. Symptoms can be physical, such as having a rapid heartbeat or sweaty palms. Psychological symptoms, like feeling panicked and overthinking, are also common. Recognizing the symptoms of anxiety is the first step in getting the treatment that’s right for you.

Learn how to cope with anxiety

Our free anxiety management eBook is a great place to start. Inside you’ll find:

  • An overview of anxiety
  • 20 calming techniques
  • A downloadable thought diary
  • An interactive calming playlist
  • A meditation guide for beginners
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Treatment for anxiety

A combination of therapy, medication and lifestyle changes can help you overcome anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one type of psychotherapy that can effectively treat anxiety. We're here to help you understand your options and to support you, wherever you are in your journey.


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Anxiety in the family

If you have a loved one who is struggling with anxiety, your understanding can offer them the support they need to take the next step in their journey. It is important to care for them and learn strategies to assist in the process. Support comes in many shapes and forms, including listening.

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