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The Transition House Blog

New Year's Resolutions for Mental Health

Five Ways to Manage Seasonal Depression

How to Overcome Mental Health Stigma

10 Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day

Five Essential Components of a Recovery Journey

How to talk to your doctor about mental health

Therapy for children and adolescents

Step-by-step guide to getting therapy

Online Therapy: What is telehealth?

How case managers support your treatment

Peer support specialists: Using lived experience to help others

What does self-care really mean?

A message from our new CEO, Melissa Lucas

Our best advice for coping with depression

How counseling can address eating disorders

How to better manage stress

Annual mental health to-do list

5 goals to set for better mental health

Coping with grief during the holidays

Enjoying the holidays when you have anxiety

What does gratitude have to do with mental health?

Common mental health conditions

Guide for families: How to talk about addiction

Roadmap: Recovering from substance abuse

Transitioning to college with a mental health diagnosis

The parent's guide to talking about mental health

7 tips for talking to your college freshman about binge drinking

How Vivitrol can help you on your road to recovery

How therapy can support addiction recovery

Treatment options for depression

How alcohol addiction treatment works

What are the signs of alcoholism?

Inpatient vs. outpatient addiction treatment

How much therapy costs with insurance

Does your health insurance cover therapy?

3 things you should know about mental health insurance coverage

What to expect from an addiction treatment program

What is Vivitrol treatment?

How to prevent drug and alcohol abuse

Recovery vs. Abstinence: What's the difference?

What is a co-occurring disorder?

Addiction resources for families

How to cope with trauma

Why are opioids addictive?

Can Vivitrol treat alcohol addiction?

Does Suboxone treatment work?

How cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treats depression

Enfrentando el abuso de sustancias en la familia

Cómo iniciar una conversación sobre el abuso de sustancias en su familia

How medication assisted treatment (MAT) can support recovery

What is opioid addiction treatment?

What does depression feel like?

10 facts about domestic abuse

What does anxiety feel like?

5 ways to help a family member with addiction

Addiction treatment: What happens after detox?

Symptoms of struggling with PTSD

Tips to improve your sleep and mental health

The gut-brain connection to mental health

How exercise can improve your mental health

The connection between diet, nutrition and mental health

Senator Rubio's office visits Tom Griffin and The Transition House, Inc.

Understanding PTSD and PTSD treatment

The Transition House, Inc. April is Alcohol Awareness Month 5k Walk/Run 2018

Facts about alcohol abuse among teens

What are the side effects of alcohol use disorder?

5 tips for preventing teen alcohol abuse

5 ways to practice self-love for good mental health

FAQs: Prescription painkillers and opioid addiction

Recovering from heroin addiction

How to deal with stress and stay sober during the holidays

10 facts about substance abuse and addiction

Achieving mental health: What is a psychological evaluation?

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of Substance Use Disorder

Treating opioid dependence: What is Suboxone?

When a psychiatric evaluation is needed and why

Effective parenting skills: Helping your child deal with stress

Treating addiction safely: How to detox the right way

Back to school: Mental health tips for college students

Volunteers from The Transition House build a ramp for Florida veteran

Focusing on the positives: What to expect from SFBT

TTHI Counseling Center provides free treatment for opioid abuse

5 ways to talk to your partner about couples therapy

Overcoming addiction: Treatment options for opioid dependence

Coping skills for children: How to support your child's mental health

10 ways to boost your mental health

Coping with substance abuse in the family

3 ways to conquer social anxiety

Overcoming addiction with medication assisted treatment

Does marriage counseling work?

Active Parenting Now: Learn effective parenting skills

5 reasons to see a therapist

How to choose the right therapist for you

3 mindfulness exercises for depression and anxiety

TTHI Counseling Center opens in Chattanooga

5 coping skills to teach your children

The advantages of attending the best residential programs for substance abuse

10 early warning signs of mental illness

3 most common mental health concerns for veterans

How mindfulness can improve symptoms of depression

What are the risk factors for substance abuse?

Is risky behavior a sign of mental illness?

Meet the counselors: Joy Moody, counselor in St. Cloud

How growing up with an alcoholic parent affects your life

5 things you may be doing because of social anxiety

How anxiety disorders affect your brain

Tips for moving past an affair in your marriage

Recovering from emotional abuse that occurred during your childhood

Tips for raising an emotionally healthy child

Tips for keeping sober this St. Patrick's Day

Help support The Transition House programs by donating needed items

What you and your partner can expect in couples counseling

Signs that your child might need counseling for impulsivity

Why Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to practice self-love

Community partner highlight: IDignity

TTHI Counseling Center puts your needs first

What are the signs of substance abuse dependency?

How family secrecy can impact your mental health

How to be supportive to someone with body dysmorphic disorder

How to show support to someone who has lost a loved one

How to survive your first holiday season sober

How to be a partner to someone with a severe anxiety disorder

How your marital problems could be affecting your children

Axiom Bank's second annual Thanksgiving at The Transition House

3 things to keep in mind when searching for a rehabilitation program in Central Florida

Benefits of attending a 12-step program during your rehabilitation

What are the most common anxiety disorders?

Transition House employee pulls car accident victim from burning vehicle

Autism and family counseling: What you should know

How to pick the right counselor for you

Children and counseling: It's more common than you might think

20 quick tips to calm your anxiety

3 things people with anxiety want their loved ones to know

Facebook's new mental health feature could save lives

How we're changing lives through our work release programs

Internet addiction: How much time is too much time online?

4 things you'll learn when attending family counseling

How friendships can actually make you healthier

How to support a loved one in counseling for a trauma

Family counseling for Veterans: How it can help

The warning signs of depression and suicide in young adults

Orlando mental health community rallies for victims of Pulse shooting

3 things you should know about postpartum depression

How grief counseling can help you cope with the loss of a parent

PTSD affects more than just veterans

The relationship between sleep and mental health

Learning to turn anxiety into positive energy

What I learned from my first time in counseling

How you can overcome your panic attacks

How are stress and anxiety different?

Why counseling is beneficial for those with eating disorders

4 important tips for your first counseling experience

Why counseling is beneficial at any age

Young adults and stress from life transitions

3 myths about bipolar disorder you need to forget about

Three things you should NEVER say to someone having a panic attack

3 ways to help you stop comparing yourself to others

Social Anxiety Disorder is more than just being shy

Why are YOU stressed out all the time? De-stress by examining your triggers

How counseling can improve your self-confidence

Residents of The Transition House get therapy on the water

Find peace when you pair meditation with counseling

5 tips to combat chronic worrying

The financial cost of counseling – Why it’s worth investing in yourself

Why you should forget about social stigmas and get some therapy

The gift of giving: Santa’s annual visit to Victory Village

Talking to your children about a family history of substance abuse

TTH in the news: Project to Help Homeless Veterans with Transportation

3 less-than-obvious ways substance abuse affects children

What to do while you’re waiting to get into the VA

Axiom Bank donates more than financial advice to The Transition House this Thanksgiving

Restaurants, stores donate to The Transition House's mens residential program

5 reasons why pets are good for your mental health

Veteran returns to active duty, marries with help of Transition House

4 ways that social media affects our mental health

Active parenting: Techniques to improve your parent-child relationship

Does CHIP cover counseling for kids? 

Why gender-specific counseling and rehabilitation works 

7 tips for talking to your college freshman about binge drinking

5 things NOT to say to someone suffering from anxiety

How do I know if I am covered for mental health services?

How grief counseling can help you cope with hardships

Warning signs your family needs counseling

The dangers of letting your children drink under your supervision

What experts are saying about functioning alcoholics

How to start a conversation about substance abuse in your family

7 myths about co-occurring disorders

Do you need help finding out about your VA benefits?

Warning signs you could be experiencing depression

7 reasons to invest time in couples counseling

Why Veterans struggle with substance abuse more than other people

9 myths about PTSD that people should ignore

What you didn’t know about work release programs

Being angry can be hazardous to your health

Playing a critical role in ending veteran homelessness

What the Clay Hunt suicide prevention act does for veterans

A new counseling center for behavioral health in Kissimmee

Is My Child Depressed?

Volunteering in Health Care Can Be A Life-Changing Experience

Does my child need counseling?

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