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Addiction resources for families

Addiction Resources for Families

Alcohol and drug addiction affect more than just the person addicted. Loved ones and family members can feel helpless, stressed or confused, and may not know where or how to get help. You are not alone. Addiction touches the lives of millions. The following resources will help you and your family find the support you need.

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What is addiction?

Helping your loved one cope with and recover from addiction means understanding what it is, how it affects the brain and the side effects that go along with it.

Learn more about addiction:

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Addiction in the family

Starting the conversation about addiction in your family can be difficult. The following resources can help you find out how to begin.

Learn more about addiction in the family:

Alcohol addiction

Also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), alcohol addiction occurs when a person can no longer function without alcohol. Finding the right treatment will help to ensure your loved one is able to safely detox and maintain sobriety.

Learn more about alcohol addiction:

Opioid addiction

Familiarizing yourself with the risks and side effects of opioid substances will help you to recognize when your loved one may need addiction treatment.

Learn more about opioid addiction:

Treatment options for addiction

Like other medical conditions, addiction can be treated. Learn about the options available for your loved one like medication assisted treatment (MAT), using Suboxone or Vivitrol.

Learn more about treatment options for addiction:

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Finding the right treatment

Trying to find the right treatment can be overwhelming. The following resources can help you get started.

Learn more about finding the right treatment:

There is hope for recovery. The good news is you are looking for help and having a healthy support system can make a real difference for someone struggling with addiction.

If you’re curious about treatment for addiction, contact us at one of our counseling centers. With locations in Florida and in Tennessee, we are ready to help you and your loved one choose recovery.

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