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4 things you'll learn when attending family counseling

family_counseling.jpgAttending counseling as a family is a great step in the right direction. No matter the issues that brought you to counseling, whether that's alcohol, substance abuse, marital issues or teens acting out, seeking help is the first step towards creating a better family dynamic. For many people, attending counseling is a decision that does not come easy. To make things a little easier, we've put together a list of four things you can expect to learn while attending family therapy in Kissimmee...

Everyone's voice will be heard

In families, it’s easy to feel ignored and not listened to. During the process of counseling, everyone will have a chance to voice their feelings. Your counselors will encourage everyone to listen intently and make sure that you are listening with an open mind and heart.

It’s not a blame game

Blaming a single person for your family's issues might seem like an easy way out, but through counseling you will learn that each adult member of the family plays a part in the issues. No matter how big or small, acknowledging your part in the dysfunction is an important step towards moving on. 

Counseling is a sacred space

Some families may fear sharing family skeletons with someone outside of their family (even if that person is a professional counselor). Opening up and sharing tough situations in a healthy environment will actually make your family ties stronger. During therapy, you will be encouraged to get to the root of the issue. Being vulnerable will allow you and your family members to be more compassionate and open with each other.

It’ll help you grow

For the best results, all family members need to work together with the counselor to work towards a common goal. Your counselor will help you develop the tools you need to grow together towards your goal, as a family. You’ll develop as an individual and as a family unit during this time.

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